Trails to Old Pond Creek
    While much has already been written about the Chisholm Trail, little has been said, until
now, about the development of the associated roads, the freight and stage companies that
used them, and the hardy people who carved out an often dangerous life at the stage stations
along the way.

     From Fort Elliott to Fort Supply and the Cantonment, to Caldwell, and Arkansas City,
Kansas, and the numerous stations and trading ranches stretching along the main trails into
Indian territory,
Trails to Old Pond Creek documents the history of a vast transportation
network that spanned northern Oklahoma, the southern tier of Kansas, and the Texas
Panhandle during the late nineteenth century.
Goodlettsville, TN 37070

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Descendants (& friends) of the Hance and Foster families, pioneers of Oklahoma's stage
ranches at the cowboy grave monument in Pond Creek, OK..
(L to R) Kay Gregath, John & Ilene Floyd, Barbara Garrison, Hugh Harris, Ken Sproul,
Patricia Fillmore, Imogene Shirley
At the Pond Creek Ranch Monument: Hugh Harris, Barbara Garrison, Ken Sproul,
Kay Gregath, Jim Fulbright, Ilene Floyd, John Floyd.
Author Jim Fulbright and Cherokee Strip Cowpuncher Association historian
Al Stehno at the Pond Creek, Oklahoma, book signing.